10th August 1999

Had a drive around parts of the Peak District in the afternoon, after a lazy morning.

Went down to the Opera House to meet our friends, Clare and her daughter Carol, who had come over from Leek for the performance.

It was Carol's first experience of G&S and what a start - with the eventual International Champions - Derby.

This Yeomen was superb - the set was very adventurous with the "hat" occupying the middle of the stage, but it worked.

26yeomen.jpg (17206 bytes)

It would be unfair to pick out individuals but Nick was excellent again - such clear diction and such a strong voice.  Stephen was magnificent as Wilfred and Jack Point, Elsie, Phoebe and all the principals exceeded expectations.  The chorus was tremendous as was the direction and Christine as MD.

Well done Derby

27yeomen.jpg (16107 bytes)

28dtyeoa.jpg (14351 bytes)

Even David Turner got the chance to "perform" on the hat.

We went to their cabaret in the club which was very good and we were amazed by Christine's skills

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