11th August

The Eclipse Day

We had intended going down into Buxton to join the others as they sang in the bandstand during the eclipse but we over-slept and had to rush up to Solomon's Temple, a folly set at the top of the hill above the caravan site.

30solom.jpg (8684 bytes)

Here we joined many others from all aspects of "eclipse mania"  At one extreme we saw the "scientist" with all the gear - telescopes and other apparatus, to the hippy playing the flute to welcome the eclipse

31diecli.jpg (23205 bytes)

We had failed to purchase special glasses so here we see Di using a "pin-hole camera" to observe what is going on

32eclips.jpg (4633 bytes)

Here you can see the only evidence I managed to obtain - I dare not risk pointing the camera at the sun during a break in the cloud in case I damaged it and therefore I took this when there was a slight covering of cloud - it is an eclipse - honest!

I was disappointed that it did not go darker - I thought it would do so - it did go cold however, and I was glad we had remembered our fleeces.

In the afternoon we went to Lyme Park - with our luck it turned out to be closed

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