13th August 1999

The Festival Production - The Gondoliers

I did not think that this production was as good as the Festival Production in previous years. That little extra seemed to be missing.  Although all the participants put their hearts and souls into it in never quite made it!  The Duke and the Grand Inquisitor stood out as the "stars"

Festgond.jpg (12832 bytes)

Friday 13th certainly stood up to its name after the performance.  I went to switch on my car headlights - nothing!  The pop-ups did not pop-up.   Hence I had to drive back to the caravan site on the Volvo running lights - not very bright.  It turned out to be the very bumpy cattle grid at the site.  It had shaken the car so much over the last two weeks that the fuse to the motors which lifts the pop-up headlamps had shaken loose.  Still it only took a few seconds to fix in the daylight next day.