Only an average show I am sorry to say - far below the standard of their usual offering and far below some of the Derby/Trent/Seattle groups.

The set was pathetic (it looks better on my photo than it actually was) and the direction was terrible.  The performers did their best with what they were asked to do.  I hate to say this but I though that Rebecca Knights diction during her singing left a lot to be desired.  I found it very difficult to follow the words even though I knew them quite well.  It has to be said that there are better performers in the chorus. 

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However the highlight of the whole festival was to follow in the Paxton Theatre.

Thomas Round, Gareth Jones and Michael Rayner treated us to a performance of Cox and Box

This was something magical as the response from the packed audience indicated


Coxbox.jpg (9832 bytes)

Coxbox2.jpg (9151 bytes)

Well done Tom, Michael and Gareth