15th August

The last day, but what a hectic one.  In the morning we went down to the Octagon for rehearsals for the chorus in the Scratch Pirates.  This, as usual was great fun and it was excellent that the Seattle Orchestra was also there to play with us.   After a quick lunch we returned for the Scratch Pirates in the afternoon.   This was excellent with all the soloists giving excellent performances.  Ian got a bit confused in places as the Major General but he was drawing to the end of a hectic few weeks for him and must be getting tired.

Scratchp.jpg (8211 bytes)

It was back to the 'van - get changed and return to the Opera House for the Mikado.  This was a non-adjudicated performance due to the fact that during the run up to the festival the director - Derek Collins had become blind - he wanted the company to carry on and perform which they did with great skill and enthusiasm.

Before the performance I took a picture of the orchestra "pit" - it really is deep and under the stage as can be seen below.

Pit.jpg (13259 bytes)

The curtain call

Mikado.jpg (13500 bytes)

Had the performance been adjudicated I am sure that they would have won some of the awards - especially Paul Lazell as Pooh Bah

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