Wednesday 28th July - the first day of the festival!

Sheaf Comic Opera - Sheffield - The Gondoliers

With great anticipation we went down  to the Opera House for the opening performance.

We soon started to meet our many friends from previous years, eventually managing to get to our seats in the dress circle.

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David Turner was again the Adjudicator - a great relief to all his many "fans".  Yet again he brought out the pen holder which Di had made for him as a joke back in '95.  It was after some comments he made about one company having their costumes held together with Velcro. Those of you sitting in the dress circle might have spotted it on the balcony in front of David - if not look out next year - It has also been over to the USA with him!

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The performance I thought to be "average" for the previous festivals - a good amateur operatic company.  There were talented performers but there was a lack of depth to the company.  However, a most enjoyable start to the Festival

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After the show we went to the festival club where I sample the "Festival Ale" - rather poor but drinkable.  We had the famous? Mushy Peas and meat pie.  An unfortunate announcement that the company was too tired to put on the usual cabaret show was very disappointing but we were lifted by an ad hoc pot luck of Trial.  This was followed by the MD and one of the cast actually singing to us - and very good the were too - a long time since I have sung "MUD, MUD glorious MUD"