2nd August 1999

Early start to the day then down to Safeway for more food, etc.

Then I went for another bike ride - right up to the top of Axe Edge this time - could see the Cat and Fiddle Pub but too far for today!

Catfiddl.jpg (8091 bytes)

The evening performance was Princess Ida.  An average performance with no real "stars".  The costumes and the set were both very good

Ida1.jpg (13535 bytes)

The Opera House at Buxton has a marvellous painted roof and in the centre you can make out the ring of gas burners which act as the "air-conditioning".  In theory, when they are alight , they cause the hot air to rise up through vents in the roof - this draws in cooler air from the outside though the doors.  It can only be used during intervals because of the noise and the light it produces and also it is very expensive to run so we do not see it in operation very often - I did not see it used at all this year!

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