3rd August

A distinct change in the weather - cooler, cloudy and rain!

After a snack lunch we went into town and then to the market.  At 2:00 we went to the Paxton Theatre for "Coffee and Conversation" with Jean Hindmarsh.  Jean has always been one of our favourites - she is such a natural person without any of the airs and graces often associated with "famous" people. Jean talked about various aspects of her time in G&S and sang several songs.  She still has a lovely voice.

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Jean talking about G&S

Jeanme.jpg (13792 bytes)

At the end of the session I asked Jean if she would autograph my copy of the Princess Ida score - the role for which she is most famous

The evening performance was the Mikado  - a good performance with a very tall Koko and an excellent Pooh Bah

Met up again with Arthur from Aldershot who had just arrived

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