8th August 1999

The Concert

The concert should be one of the highlights but this year I found it disappointing.   The orchestra, chorus and soloists were brilliant - it was the material with which they were provided which left much to be desired.  There was too much of Sullivan without Gilbert, and Gilbert without Sullivan.  It should have been Gilbert and Sullivan - the work they did together - the whole point of the festival.  Having said that I though the second half was brilliant!  The pundits will point out that this was  arranged by Mackerras but each bar is from Sullivan, although not All from the collaboration with Gilbert, and it is magic.

15orch.jpg (12125 bytes)

The Soloists, Choir and Orchestra and Andrew take a bow

16orch.jpg (11208 bytes)

The Orchestra finish Pineapple Poll

After the Concert we went to the Club - Pot-luck pirates - most enjoyable yet again to be able to sing along with so many devoted fans of G&S.

17potpir.jpg (8578 bytes)

A very young Mabel and William yet again - Sam looks on

18potpir.jpg (9856 bytes)

The arrival of the police with unusual truncheons

19potpir.jpg (10446 bytes)

A sartorial Frederick reacts to The Pirate King and Ruth