9th August

We had a visit from some friends today so after lunch we took them up to the Cat & Fiddle pub from where we walked over to Shining Tor

It was quite cold up there with the rain falling and the wind blowing!

21tortop.jpg (12991 bytes)

Di, with Sylvia and Graham on Shining Tor in high summer?- Note the triangulation point and the Cheshire Plain in the background.

The performance at the Opera House was another double bill - Trial and Pirates

I thought the Trail was rather below the expected standard - I did not like the modern costumes and also it was difficult to hear some of the actors.

23trial.jpg (11565 bytes)

Pirates was very good - I enjoyed this traditional approach with lots of colour and good singing.  I did not like the "messing about" during the overture and I could have strangled the sailor with the Yoyo!

Too tired for the club after the long day and climbing the "hill"