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I have a collection of the autographs of the ex - D'Oyly Carte singers. 

During the Buxton G&S Festival 2004 I was given a poster for the production of The Mikado by Houston G&S  and on it was the autograph of Alistair Donkin - the director and Ko-Ko  ( this is a close-up of the autograph.

During the final evening Gillian Humphreys kindly autographed the inside cover of my "Choruses from The Yeomen of the Guard"

It says "For David. With such happy memories of Buxton. Best Wishes. Gillian Humphreys"

This is in Tom Round's  Autobiography - Click on the graphic below for more of my collection of G&S based autographs


I have been sent some scans of autographs collected by Elizabeth Pugh, from the Yukon, although she collected them in London.  These are from the early 1960s

The autograph above is from Lytton's book "Secrets".

Yours Sincerely

Henry Lytton

In Friendships Name


Sent to me by Richard Mekka

There is an autograph in our copy of Kenneth Sandford's book - click here to see it