Autographs 2006

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These are the autographs I obtained during the 2006 festival - they are all on First Day Covers from 1992 when the G&S set of stamps were issued by the Royal Mail to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Sullivan.

This first one was Cynthia Morey's who was in Buxton with the release of John Reed's biography which she had written "as told to" by John Reed.

This is Anne Sessions' autograph. She wrote it in the Festival Club after a production in the Opera House which she had attended.

Here we have John Dennison's autograph - I had also obtained one for Bruce and John signed them both the same ;-)

Simon Butteriss is one of the real starts of modern day Gilbert and Sullivan productions.


On the back of the cover below I obtained the autographs of the principals of the Tokyo Opera Company after their wonderful production of the Mikado.


Makiko Yamashita                      Kosei Hayama                       Makiko Sonoda

    Katisha                                    Nanki-Poo                             Yum-Yum




Yoshiyuki Shikano       Yoshiki Kobayashi         Masaya Hosooka

The Mikado                Pish-Tush                   Pooh-Bah

Finally we have a photo of a First Day Cover I had done for Bruce from Melbourne, who comes over each year for the festival. I did it as a surprise for him. It joins together two of his hobbies - G&S and Steam Trains.

On the front of this cover are the five stamps released on 21st July 1992, along with a picture and a "stamp" from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway - another cancellation from the station cancels this stamp.

The two autographs are Michael Rayner and John Dennison.  On the rear of the envelope there are another six autographs.

In case it is difficult to read:-


To Bruce

with my very

best wishes

Valerie Masterson



all good wishes

Simon Butteriss


To Bruce -

with kindest regards

Cynthia Morey

John Reed

(John signed this one evening outside the Opera House - using my back to rest it on!)


To Bruce

Very Best wishes

Anne Sessions


Best Wishes Bruce

Thomas Round