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DVD recordings of productions at the festivals

It is now  possible to obtain DVD recordings of the performances during the International G&S Festivals - both the adjudicated ones and those done by the professional G&S Opera Company. In 2004 the performances of the Opera Della Luna were also recorded.

These are excellent but be warned - they are DVD-R which means if your DVD player is not a modern one then it might not understand this format.  



Not only are the latest productions available but you can purchase productions from previous years - we bought the Derby production of The Yeomen of the Guard from 1999


If you can not get them via Musical Collectables at  www.gs-festival.co.uk then why not try Chris direct at chris@allmediaworks.co.uk or contact him at:-

35 Athelstan Road,

Harold Wood




Tel 01708 345127 Fax 01708 707296