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Welcome to my  

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        World-wide Gilbert & Sullivan productions Diary 

After a long period of "rest" I hope to start updating this section again soon!  

Unfortunately I stopped maintaining this site when the Festival left it's true home in Buxton and moved to Harrogate!

However, I  have regained my enthusiasm and have started to update the pages.



win the 

2013 International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

 with their production of 

Yeomen of the Guard

SavoyNet are also winners of the following categories

Best Chorus
Yeomen of the Guard - Savoynet

The next three category winners can be seen in the photo below - first three on front row (Elsie, Fairfax and Dame Carruthers)


Best Male Voice
Laurie Slavin - Fairfax - Savoynet

Best Female Voice
 Anne Slovin - Elsie - Savoynet

Best Character Actress
Julie May - Dame Carruthers - Savoynet

Best Concerted Item

When a Wooer - Yeomen - Savoynet

Best Director
Diana Burleigh Yeomen - Savoynet

(So sorry about the mike Diana)


Savoynet also achieved six other nominations ;-

Best Supporting Actress Rachel Middle
Best Male Performer Jonathan Ichikawa
Best Female Performer Anne Slovin
Best Traditional Opera

Best Animated Chorus
Best Musical Director Emily Senturia

After 20 years of G&S Festivals in Buxton they are now over and we move to Harrogate in 2014 - for how long?

The last SavoyNet production before the curtain comes down on Buxton. (Or does it????)

(Alan, Gordon, Di and Susan - Romy was of course on the stage for the Yeomen)

Oh there she is in the Festival Club after the performance.


Tom Round and Valerie Masterson at the 2011 Festival


 Tom Round with Bruce Doery inside the Pavillion Lounge after the final production of the 14th International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival 2007

(Bruce sadly died at the end of November 2007 - we remember him with great affection. This website is dedicated to his memory)

      Music will play on each page - turn your speakers on (or off as appropriate)     

John's biography has  been published - Tom's was published in 2002.

Other members of the D'Oyly Carte also present were Valerie Masterson, Michael Raynor, Cynthia Morey, John Dennison and Ann Sessions

I have now uploaded the autographs of all of them on this site. 

Here is John with Tom Round outside the Buxton Opera House in 2003

(John Reed died 13th February 2010 aged 94)

Ian and Neil Smith win prestigious theatre award for their work in promoting Gilbert & Sullivan.



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