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I thank Lorraine Nicholls for the scan of this autograph of Fred Sullivan. He was the brother of Arthur Sullivan and was the first actor to play the Judge in the original production of Trial by Jury in 1875 ( March 25th to December 18th).  He had previously played Apollo in Thespis but died before he could take part in their next production - many think the part of  J.W.Wells  in The Sorcerer was written for him.


The autograph is unfortunately cut off at the top and sides as a result  of the scores being bound together to form a book a long time ago.  



The enlargement shows that the date clearly starts 187 hence, as he has signed it from the "Learned Judge", it must have been 1875 - whilst he was actually playing the part or shortly after, before his untimely death in January 1877.